Our Commitments

National Behavioral Care offers empirically validated, evidence based, behavioral treatments for children, adolescents, and teens with pervasive developmental disorders (e.g., Autism spectrum and intellectual disability), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and conduct disorder. We are committed to offering state of the art evidence based behavioral treatments that are tailored to the circumstances of each individual and their family. Our approach to treatment is driven by cultural sensitivity and the employment of support systems in treatment. Additionally, it is National Behavioral Care’s goal to disseminate information to our consumers, their families, and other healthcare entities on the field of behavioral analysis. The most recent and empirically validated information will be provided to all bodies in contact with National Behavioral Care. Additionally, National Behavioral Care is committed to diligently assess the appropriateness of treatments for each consumer in an effort to maximize efficacy of treatment, and so provide our consumers with the best possibilities for positive change and success. Our commitment to transparency of our practices, methods, and treatments is only limited to our commitment of confidentiality to our consumers and partners; National Behavioral Care employs one of the most advanced information management systems. We are also commitment to providing educational opportunities to our consumers, their support systems, and the public in an effort to better efficacy of treatments and disseminate information further. National Behavioral Care is also committed to support our community by employing people of the region and provide them with expertise and education opportunities. Lastly, National Behavioral Care is committed to contribute to the field of applied behavior analysis through research.

Website Information Collection

This website may ask for identifying information (such as first and last name, email address, and phone number) for events, appointments, and general communication. This information is used to communicate with the identified person whose information was entered (for the particular reason he/she have entered the information). The information entered on this website is designed to protect personal identifying information of its users using advanced technological protections (SSL). The information collected on this website will not be shared, sold, or misused for monetary gains in any shape or form. Important to know, National Behavioral Care subjects itself to intensive ethical guidelines (such as the American Psychological Association) and in doing so limits its use of personal information and relationships with other businesses to maintain high levels of protection for our users.

California Law

Please press here to view “Your California Privacy Rights.”

Electronic Time Sheet Data Collection and Use

National Behavioral Care offers an electronic alternative to physical time sheets. This is done in order to reduce the amount of time needed to record time sheets, increase the level of confidential information protection, and minimize submission errors. National Behavioral Care uses a third party (JotForm) to collect and process electronic time sheet data for these purposes. National Behavioral Care and JotForm use best practices procedure to adhere with the HIPAA privacy act of 1996 and provide user with the highest level of protection. All reported electronic data using the electronic time sheet feature is considered the sole property of National Behavioral Care. National Behavioral Care and JotForm will not sell, or share collected data. Collected data may be reported to the appropriate case funding source in order to provide proof of service.