Selecting the Right Behavioral Services for Your Child

A Parent’s Guide


How do I know what are the right services for my child?

We are aware that selecting services for your child is a difficult first step. National Behavioral Care conducts individual assessments for each child referred to us to determine the specific needs depending on their age and functioning level. We recognize that the needs of your entire family plays an important role in your child’s daily life and these are included as part of the assessment procedures.

How can I be involved in my child’s progress? What is my role as a caregiver?

Every care giver is part of a clinical team. That is, you are involved in creating treatment that will fit your child best. The caregiver’s involvement in treatment is key to the success of each child we serve. Our clinical team provides you with the knowledge and support necessary to overcome barriers and assist your child to succeed. The caregiver’s involvement is just as relevant as the professionals providing services to your child.

I have a busy schedule, how can I manage work and fulfilling the services for my child?

Because we practice a person-centered approach, your provider will work a schedule that will fit your, and your child’s, schedule to best fit your availability and needs.

What should I expect from the services?

National Behavioral Care offers you and your child the best opportunities for positive changes. Our evidence-based approaches have been empirically validated and scientifically tested to provide the highest levels of success. Throughout the course of treatment your child may display similar traits as other children, but your child is unique in many other ways. Therefore, your child will respond to treatment at the pace that is right for him/her. Some children show a faster progress in some areas while others require more time.

What  are the services offered by National Behavioral Care?

National Behavioral Care provides treatment that is empirically supported by research and that has demonstrated efficacy with individuals with Autism and related disorders. Some of the services provided are:

  • Initial Group Parent Training
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)
  • Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
  • In-Home Parent Education

*For description of each service click here!

How can I obtain these services for my child?

Our administrative team is here to guide you through the process. National Behavioral Care connects you with the right venue to start the process and will guide you through every step. To access gain information, feel free to call us, set an appointment, or stop by one of our offices.


Why National Behavioral Care?

Finding the provider that matches your family’s, and specifically your child’s needs, may be a difficult process. National Behavioral Care offers the most advanced and empirically studied approaches to provide our clients with the highest chances for positive changes and success. Our approach to therapy and professional staff sets us apart from other agencies in quality, responsiveness, help, and technology. Learn more on our website.

Who does National Behavioral Care services?

Our Clinical team specializes in working with individuals with an different diagnoses, some are:

For description of each condition, please visit our website under the “expertise” tab, or click here!

Does my insurance cover behavioral services?

Recent changes in U.S law (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)) allow most of the services provided by National Behavior Care to be fully or partially paid for by insurance companies.  For some individuals, even if the insurance policy does not fully cover the cost, government assistance is available. We are part of a continuously growing network that includes: Tricare, The Holman Group, Health Net, Aetna, Cencal, Beacon, Blue Shield of CA and many more Medi-Cal and Commercial health plans. National Behavioral Care has you covered!


Who provides the services and where will they take place?

Direct services are provided by our behavioral instructors whom collaborate with and receive supervision from your assigned provider (case supervisor).  Because your child will benefit from learning from his/her natural environment, services are provided at the comfort of your home and selected community locations when required.


How will the professionals select programs for my child? What are the approaches?

Your provider will select, while taking into account your personal preferences and needs, the treatment that will fit your child best based on comprehensive assessment results.  The selected goals for your child must be of relevance to his/her daily life and interactions with the natural environment (e.g., home and community). National Behavioral Care’s approach is child directed in which your child learns to make decisions and self manage during activities. The goal is to ensure that these skills are generalized and that caregivers learn these approaches to guide their child outside of therapeutic sessions.