Evidence-Based, Empirically-Validated, Behavioral Therapy Treatments (ABA)

National Behavioral Care offers evidence-based, empirically validated, behavioral therapy techniques (also known as Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA) tailored to fit individual needs. Our methods have been well researched and are supported by national agencies and insurance companies. 

Here are some leading behavioral treatments we offer:

Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
This service is designed for children of ages  under 7 years of age with a diagnosis of Autism. The primary focus of this service is to improve communication deficits, self help, and adaptive social skills as well as reduction of problem behaviors.
In-Home and Community Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
 This approach is designed for individuals of all ages and all disabilities. The primary focus of intensive ABA services  is the reduction of problem behaviors that present a serious health and safety issues for your child and others while teaching alternative replacement behaviors with full parent training and participation. 
Adaptive Skills Training
Includes approaches to teach social, self-sufficiency, and desired age appropriate skills
In-Home Parent Training
A behavioral approach intended to work directly with primary caregivers to teach them development of programs and provide training in appliance of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles with their child for skill acquisition and reduction of problem behaviors.
Behavioral Assessment (FBAs & FAs)
Comprehensive behavioral assessments using state of the art tools and measure (such as the Vineland, VB-MAPP, ABAS, ABLLS, ADOS etc.) to identify both problem behaviors and skill acquisition domains
In-Home Intensive ABA
A behavioral approach intended to cater to those with the most severe behaviors including aggression toward other or to self.  

National Behavioral Care Provides Services at Home, Schools, Community, and Residential Faciliaties