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National Behavioral Care
State of the Art Technology

National Behavioral Care’s number one priority is to keep you and your family safe. We have the most recent and technologically secure methods that comply with the highest confidentiality agreements to ensure your personal information does not land in the wrong hands.

Healthcare Solutions

Your child has the right to effective treatment. National Behavioral Care is in constant contact with leading medical and psychological professionals in order to provide our clients with the most up to date treatments.

At Your Door

Our team will accommodate to your family’s schedule and needs. National Behavioral Care also provides state of the art and evidence based treatments, at the convenience of your home.


What is the difference between evidence-based and regular treatments?
How do I pay for these services?
How do I begin receiving services?
Where does National Behavioral Care provide services and for whom?

 Why Us?

Our Experience

Our staff meets the highest qualifications for services and has years of hands-on experience. Our professional team will ensure to find the best match for you and your child.

Our Commitments

We are committed to the highest standards of confidentially and privacy for our consumers and partners, while providing transparency when possible to assure the highest levels of accountability.

State of the Art Services

National Behavioral Care offers the most advanced and empirically studied approaches to provide the families we serve with the highest chances for community integration  and success.

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 HIPAA Compliance100%
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